About Lola The Vamp:


Burlesque Dancer Lola The Vamp is a living amalgam of vintage beauty. A true star cast in the mould of yesterday, she has, as cnn.com notes, the figure of Brigitte Bardot and the smile of Vivien Leigh.


Her shows famously -in the the major books of the new burlesque era - feature highly referenced sets that take flights of fancy from departure points like the Russian Firebird ballet, or Loië Fuller's Serpentine Dance. A flash of Marilyn Monroe's innocent gasp 'both playful and hypnotic' (The Age) or a walk like Leslie Caron. This combination comes together with 'a highly developed aesthetic and a sly wit' (The Age)


She lives like a Bohemian artist, with short films based on 1899 French Cabarets screening at Cannes, touring her burlesque around the world for the likes of Nick Cave who described her as 'beautiful', or as headliner of the world's premier burlesque events Tease-o-Rama and The Australian Burlesque Festival.


She has been a brand ambassador for the renewed interest in absinthe, a writer, and is constantly in demand as a media commentator for television and print (Channel V, Getaway, San Francisco Chronicle, The Age, Penthouse Magazine) where her image - clothed and otherwise - has graced some of the most well-known publications around.


She is the first performer in theatre history to earn a Doctorate of Philosophy by performing the art of burlesque. She is, as The Age writes, 'in a league of her own.'

Virtual Vamp


Lola the Vamp presents ‘Virtual Vamp’! Perfect for performers who are time poor, located regionally or just busy bees, Lola The Vamp is offering online consultation and one on one lessons with four interaction levels – 'Ingenue', ‘A Loving Eye’; ‘Skype Hype’ and ‘Sweet Retreat’.



Burlesque from the ground up! Since she began teaching in 2005, Lola has refined a series of 4 effective choreographies that will introduce you to the four corners of burlesque - the bump, the grind, the shimmy and the burlesque walk. including history of burlesque and lots of great stories from the present and Golden Age, these exact choreographies were the starting points for renowned performers across the globe.
Each choreography will take 3-5 sessions depending on your progress for one flat rate.
Beginners: Covering the basic stock movements of Golden Age Burlesque
Intermezzo: start to layer the movements you know into a more complex choregraphy
Boas and Parasols: learn some of the props used in burlesque
Chair: a sensual chair routine that introduces the element of striptease into your repertoire.

TEACHER: Lola The Vamp


COST: $95 per choreography



This is a virtual appraisal service available to absolutely any performer around the world. Sometimes we just get stuck in a rut, or really want another set of eyes to look over an act before it makes it's first appearance in public. It's like talking about your show over coffee with a friend - just online!

Send in your video (it doesn't matter what quality or stage of development you're in!) and pinpoint any parts or concepts that you are focusing on and Lola will cast an eye over it, with a giggle and a bump. The most fun way to workshop since, well, gluing Swarovskis!

A Loving Eye includes a full "report" delivered within 2 business days. Ooh sounds all official and fancy doesn't it? Well, your act deserves it, you've probably invested a lot of time and money so far!

TEACHER: Lola The Vamp


COST: $70 per act



Like it in living colour? This one's for you. Take two 30 minute sessions via Skype to discuss and develop your act. Rather than 'teaching' you what burlesque is, or lecturing you on your history (cos I'm sure you're already on top of that!), let's get together for half a cosy hour and chat about what you are planning. Show me what you've got if you're ready! I'll put my thinking cap on and a day or two later, we will catch up again via Skype at your convenience to spend an hour workshopping. I'll throw you my ideas, we see what happens. This is perfect if you're time poor or located outside of the Brisbane area - or on tour!

TEACHER: Lola The Vamp

TIMETABLE: By Appointment, Monday - Thursdays

COST: $95 per act, includes two 30 minute Skype sessions



Located in Brisbane or travelling through? Come to Lola's beautiful Rainforest Studio in the outskirts of town. Polished wooden floors, mirrors and air-conditioning, we got it all, baby! Let the meeting point of two creeks fire the flames of your creativity at Lola's company home, Yavanna Production House. Workshop your act in person with Lola, and make friends with the local donkeys and horses on your way through! This is a sweet retreat that will refresh your mind, relax your body and invigorate your ideas.

TEACHER: Lola The Vamp

TIMETABLE: By Appointment, Monday - Thursdays

COST: $70 per hour

VENUE: Lola’s Rainforest Studio, Located in the Samford Valley



Please email us your name, course selection and phone number to contact@bombshellacademy.com.au




Ingenue - $95 per choreography

A Loving Eye - $70 per act

Skype Hype – $95 per act

Sweet Retreat - $70 per hour



Please review the full Terms & Conditions of our classes before enrolling. 

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