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Are you an emerging or established Burlesque Artist?
Register your stage name on the Australian Burlesque Name Registry.

Update January 2024: The Australian Name Registry appears to be defunct and is no longer maintained by its owners. Please use the new international site to register at 


View the full Australian Burlesque Name Registry here.   


Listing your stage name on the Australian Burlesque Name Registry does not provide you with legal protection, however please make sure your information is correct and true, and can be proved if contacted by another burlesque performer- including the date of first use.


If you are just starting out in performance and trying to choose a burlesque name, it is advised that you also check to see if a name is in use by using Google search and facebook search. It may already be in use by a major burlesque performer in another country, which should be a consideration when choosing names as that particular performer may choose to tour to Australia one day.


To register, you must have a valid website or facebook fanpage address. Those who don't will be removed from the register. This is to prevent 'holding' or 'reserving' of stage names for future use. If you are serious about using the name for stage performance you should be able to back it up with networking tools such as these.


Please note: The Bombshell Burlesque Academy does not own or administer the Australian Burlesque Name Registry. To change or delete an existing entry please email

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