Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find information on classes at The Bombshell Burlesque Academy?

Full details of our current classes can be found on our Timetable page here.

I can't make classes every week, do you have one off classes?

We sure do!  You can view one off workshop details here.

How do I book in for a class?

You can view a step by step guide to completing enrollment here. If you have a PayPal account, you may choose to pay off your booking with PayPal Pay In Four.

Do I have to book in?  Can I just show up to the class?

All students must enroll online in advance, including for one off workshops.

How do I find out when new classes are open for enrollment?

You can join our mailing list by clicking here.

Where do you hold your classes?

From January 2022, our classes are held at Jamieson Studios, 12 Jamieson Street, Bowen Hills.

The foyer door locks for your safety between classes and you'll need a PIN code to enter.  Please keep an eye out for an email containing this PIN before your first class.

Please wait in the foyer until your tutor opens the door for your class to start and respect the other studios in the building by not entering them unnecessarily.

You may leave your bags in the bag drop room during class.

How do I get there?

Transport: There are bus stops all along the major roads near the studio and we are less than a minute walk from the Bowen Hills train station. Visit the Translink website to plan your best route.

Parking: There is no student parking on site, however there is ample on street parking is available in the area including on Jamieson St, Abbotsford Road, Hurworth St, Mayne Rd and Cintra Road. Paid parking can be found at Secure Parking 25 Montpelier Rd, a 5 minute walk from the studio, and Gasworks, approximately a 10 minute walk away.

Are your six week courses available online?

Our six week courses are in person delivery only, however if you're looking for online learning, head to The Bombshell Burlesque Virtual Academy for more showgirl tips and tricks than you can wave a feather at!


Who can attend classes?

Anyone aged 18 and over! Due to the striptease elements of burlesque, classes and performances are restricted to those aged 18 or over, however all levels of fitness and experience are welcome.  Read more about our Ts & Cs here.

I've never done burlesque or danced before.  Can I still join in?
Absolutely you may!  We have dedicated Beginner classes, many of our classes are for all experience and fitness levels and some are best suited to those with previous experience.  Read each class description here to choose the class that best suits you.

What class should I start with? What do the different levels mean?

BEGINNER: For those who are new to burlesque or want to polish their skills. 
We recommend that all students start with a dedicated beginner class to learn the history and essential moves of burlesque. If you have a dance or performance background, one or two terms of beginner may suffice, though you’re welcome to take as many beginner classes as you choose as the routines change each term.

OPEN/ALL LEVELS: Suited to absolutely everyone! Once you’re comfortable with your skills learnt in Beginner classes, move to Open classes to try new styles and develop further. If a Beginner class doesn’t suit your schedule, start with an Open class.

INTERMEDIATE: Suited to those with 2+ years of Burlesque experience and/or dance training in modern styles.

ADVANCED: Suited to those with 3+ years of Burlesque experience and/or significant, recent dance training in modern styles.

What do the different styles mean? Why are there two different Beginner classes?

Each Beginner class is in a different style - Neo and Classic Burlesque. Classic Burlesque is the traditional, vintage style and Neo Burlesque is the modern style of burlesque.  Both classes cover foundations and learn a routine which is optional to perform at the end of term. You can see what the class routines are like by searching for the class name on our YouTube channel.

If I join in the classes, do I have to perform?  What do I wear? How much are we taking off?​

Classes are presented just like a dance class - wear comfortable clothing that you would wear to the gym and bring a pair of heels that you can move in.  Performance is always optional. The only time that we'll be bearing our pasties will be at our student performances at the end of term, but how much you reveal is always up to you!

Wait - what is burlesque anyway?  

The Bombshell Burlesque Academy specialises in authentic burlesque in the style made famous by Gypsy Rose Lee and, more recently, Dita Von Teese. Combining dance, comedy, parody, theatre, circus and striptease, the performance involves peeling numerous layers of extravagant costume to reveal pasties & a g-string, where desired, and an expert execution of the art of tease.

Where can I buy shoes to wear to class?

For shoes, any comfortable heel will do. You can invest in ballroom dance heels or character shoes, otherwise, try retailers like Payless, Target, Betts and Myer for mary-jane style heels.  

Failing that, any closed toe court shoe with elastic in a loop around the outside of the shoe to act as a strap will do.  Happy shopping!

The class I want to do is sold out.  What do I do?

If a class is greyed out/not able to be selected in the store, it has sold out. Please email us to be placed on the waitlist for the class and we'll let you know if a place becomes available. Please note that we are unable to take waitlist requests within 7 days of the class starting.

Can I try one class out before committing to the term?

No, all students must be booked and paid for the term before participating.

Once I've booked in for a 6 week course, can I go to any classes offered in that term?

No, our bookings are course specific.  Eg.  If you book for a 6 week term of Beginner Burlesque at 7pm on Monday, that's the 6 classes that you have booked for.

Can I come in and watch a class?

No, to maintain a safe space for our students, spectators are not permitted to watch or sit in on classes without participating.  You can see what the class routines are like by searching for the class name on our YouTube channel.


Can I talk to your students to find out what classes are like?

You sure can!  You can join our Facebook social group here and ask any questions you may have.

I'll miss a class.  Is that ok?

We understand that life happens, so missing a class or two is not a problem.  The exception to this is if you wish to perform, you must be in attendance at the week 6 class in order to perform at The Bombshells Ball or the week 5 class if you have a Performance on Film outcome.  If you don't want to perform, this is not a problem.

I have missed a class.  Can you organise a makeup class for me or can I go to another class instead?

No, your term booking includes the designated sessions of the course that you have booked only.  Our tutors will always endeavour to catch you up on content within class time.

I booked an online class but my internet dropped out/I couldn't use the app/I got locked out of my Facebook account/I missed it.  Can I have a refund or credit?

No.  If there are technical issues on The Bombshell Academy end that prevent classes from running as scheduled, we will reschedule and advise our students of the new time.  We are unable to provide refunds if you experience technical, app or platform based problems and, as such, highly recommend reading your class description and testing your access at least a day in advance of your class.

I booked in for a term that has already started but I can't make it.  Can I get a refund?

The Bombshell Burlesque Academy does not offer refunds. If you have enrolled and notify us in writing 7 days prior to class commencement we can offer you a class credit for the following term or transfer the booking to another name. We cannot offer class transfers or credits once term has commenced.

Burlesque is for everybody

At The Bombshell Burlesque Academy, we believe that burlesque is for every body. In the spirit of enabling access to a diverse student body, we are pleased to offer a complimentary Beginner Burlesque course to students who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, as Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, and/or BIPOC. To inquire about a securing a complimentary place, please email and introduce yourself.

Student Performances

Will I need a costume to perform?

Yes, most of our student groups require a costume in order to participate.  Your tutor will provide you with all of the information for the costume of your particular course during the classes.  We aim to keep all costumes as cost effective as possible and repeat elements to keep costs down.

Where are student performances held?

Student performances of The Bombshell's Ball in 2022 will be presented at Arcana's Empress Theatre in Moorooka.  You can find information on upcoming shows via our newsletter, our Instagram and the "events" tab on our Facebook page.

How often are the student shows held?

We present 6 student shows a year, one at the end of each term.

Can my friends and family come and watch?

They sure can!  Tickets will be available for purchase in the lead up for each event.  You'll receive information via email and on our Social Media pages.

Do I need a ticket to perform?

No, performers don't need to purchase a ticket unless they wish to sit in a seat between performances.

What's required to perform in addition to the six week course?

In order to perform, you must attend dress rehearsal which is in your 6th week class and be available during the day of the show to attend a run through on stage and a pre-show briefing.  All students must be available for both sessions of the student show.

If I take classes, do I have to perform?

Performance is always optional and the only time that we'll be bearing our pasties, but how much you reveal is up to you!

Pasties? Is that a pastry?

Pasties (pay-stees) are the decorative coverings applied with adhesive to conceal the nipples, revealed at the end of most burlesque routines. They vary in size and are usually not much larger than the performer's areola. 
Pasties are currently worn by most neo-burlesque performers. Burlesque pasties may feature tassels which hang from their centers, which the performers often twirl while performing.  You can read more about pasties and how to apply them here.

If I'm getting my pasties out on stage, will photos end up all over the internet?

At The Bombshell Burlesque Academy, we aim to create a safe space for all of our students.  As many of our students have professions that would frown on burlesque or are not comfortable having pastie images out in the open, we do not release footage or images of pastie reveals from group numbers.  This allows everyone to fully express themselves without fear of their image ending up online.  Audience members are prohibited from taking photos or video as we have official photographers and videographers to capture the show. 

What do I do with my hair and makeup for the show?

Students must arrange their own hair and makeup for performances.  We offer a Vintage Styling course every second term which will give you the skills to do this, you may engage a professional artist to make you up before arriving at the theatre or many makeup counters offer application with purchase.

More Information

Can I book entertainers or a show for my event?

Professional entertainers and full scale productions can be booked through our sister event company, Bombshell Burlesque.  View more about entertainers at your event here and professional productions here.

Can I book a hens party or private workshop?

Hens parties and private workshops can be booked through our sister event company Bombshell Burlesque.  Check out all of the details here.

Are you hiring?

The Bombshell Burlesque Academy's tutors are hand selected, professional burlesque performers.  We do not accept unsolicited applications to teach.  

How do I become a professional burlesque performer?

Professional burlesque performers start by taking a range of classes before developing a repertoire of self devised solo performances and building their profile to book performances. 

The Headliners: Act Development Masterclass course at The Bombshell Burlesque Academy includes details and guides on professional development.

Currently, there are no full time contracts for burlesque artists in Australia and the vast majority of burlesque artists in Australia have another income stream in addition to freelance burlesque income.

Can I book a burlesque photoshoot?

We recommend The Platinum Pinup Perfection Experience for a photoshoot experience that is both glamorous and cost effective.  This event is offered by our sister events company Bombshell Burlesque.

For even more information, please check out our blog.