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Burlesque Workshops with La Viola Vixen

Saturday 18th January 2020


1 – 3:00pm: Sex on Legs

3:00 – 5:00pm: Burlesque Business Bombshell

Metro Arts - The Whitlam Space - Level 4.

109 Edward Street, Brisbane QLD 4000.



In this 2-hour workshop the group will go over the many techniques of how to channel real sexual energy on stage!


If your goal is to be a performer who really knows how to sex it up for their audience (at home or on stage), then this is a great workshop to take. After many years of working in Europe where women have no reservations when it comes to being extra sexy, Viola has learnt the techniques for becoming more genuinely sensual and vulnerable while delivering a burlesque striptease.

Losing inhibitions and expressing raw sensuality is not always easy to do when being focused on choreography, costume, character etc. This class is about how to break those barriers and serve natural sex on legs all over that stage!

The techniques learnt will be put into a hot little floor routine!

This workshop is suitable for all levels of fitness and experience


TEACHER: La Viola Vixen

TIMETABLE: 1 – 3pm, Saturday 18th January 2020

VENUE: The Whitlam Space, Level 4, Metro Arts

BRING: Clothes you can dance in and be on the floor comfortable - Tank and tights recommended, Dance shoes if you have them, or any low heels, water, knee pads if you'd like for floor work.







So you're a burlesque performer working on your stage craft? Great! What about the back of house?

In this workshop Viola will go deep in to how to tackle the business side of your performance/arts career. Focusing on each participants area of concern, the workshop will include local and international tour info as well as Euro-centric information for those that are interested in touring there.

Focus points:





*Social Media





*Press Releases

*Goal Setting

*Contacting Venues & Bookers

and MORE!

This workshop is designed for those who are already hitting the stage! The workshop will cover important topics to help elevate and direct your burlesque career goals!


 TEACHER: La Viola Vixen

TIMETABLE: 3 - 5pm, Saturday 18th January 2020

VENUE: The Whitlam Space, Level 4, Metro Arts

BRING: Your A game, comfortable clothing, a water bottle, suitable shoes, notepad & pen.




Sex On Legs (2hrs) - $50

Burlesque Business Bombshell (2hrs) - $50

Both Workshops - $90


Please select the workshop/s of your choice via the online store.



By enrolling in this workshop, you acknowledge and agree to all Terms & Conditions of enrollment.


La Viola Vixen has carved herself quite the reputation as a unique strip-artiste. Viola’s impeccable sense of theatricality and captivating command of old school burly-q and classic showgirl dance styles sees her at the forefront of the international burlesque comeback.

She is the producer of Berlin’s ‘Sunday Soiree, The Shimmy Shake Show and co-producer of Berlin Burlesque Week. She is the owner and founder of The Shimmy Shake Berlin Burlesque School, The co-founder of Berlin Burlesque Academy and the previous owner of The Bombshell Burlesque Academy in Brisbane, Australia.

Recently Viola headlined the Australian Burlesque Festival tour and was listed by 21st Century Burlesque as one of the worlds most influential Burlesque industry figures in 2018, coming in at No. 71 in the World and No. 6 in Europe.

Viola is a burly mama to many(and also to one sweet little babe), and works hard to continue creating safe, loving, aware, positive, empowering and diverse spaces for the burlesque & performance community in Europe.

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