About Us


After two stellar years as Academy Director, Lila Luxx unveiled the newly preened and polished The Bombshell Burlesque Academy in 2014.


Established in 2010 by international performer La Viola Vixen as The Bombshell Burlesque and Beauty Academy, burlesque powerhouse Lila Luxx took the reins in May 2012.


After teaching, choreographing and performing in a number of performance disciplines including burlesque, contemporary dance, commercial dance, American style cheerleading, as well as studying Fine Arts in Acting and Arts Management, Lila dreamed of passing on her vast knowledge and experience to a new generation of burlesque bombshells. With a focus on vintage beauty, glamour, technique and presentation, The Bombshell Burlesque Academy is the realisation of this dream.


Classes at The Academy include Classic and Neo Burlesque, Beginner and Intermediate Courses, Vintage Styling and Professional Development.


The Bombshell Burlesque Academy prides itself on its highly skilled tutors, with every one employed being a professional performer in their own right. Workshops held by visiting professionals are a regular occurrence.


The Academy also has a well known performance troupe – Bombshell Academy. The troupe is comprised of current students and tutors and provides performance opportunities at events in and around Brisbane. They’re known for their high energy performance, choreography and presentation and many have gone on to establish solo burlesque careers. The professional troupe is made up of the Bombshell Academy’s tutors and brings glamour and spice to corporate events.


At the end of each term, the students are invited to perform at The Bombshells Ball, a showcase featuring students, tutors and interstate guests. These events are held in a professional theatre and give the students a chance to strut their stuff and experience the energy of a live performance. These performances always sell out well in advance – don't miss out on your tickets!

The Academy compliments it's sister events company Bombshell Burlesque which offers full scale productions, pinup makeovers and photoshoots and corporate entertainment.

What Is Burlesque?


Bombshell Burlesque specialises in authentic burlesque - vintage striptease- in the style made famous by Gypsy Rose Lee and, more recently, Dita Von Teese. The performance involves peeling numerous layers of extravagant costume to reveal pasties & a g-string, where desired, and an expert execution of the art of tease.  


In addition to tease, elements of dance, narrative, circus, comedy and parody fuse to create a very entertaining performance!

About Our Founder


La Viola Vixen has recently unveiled a sister school in Germany, The Shimmy Shake Berlin Burlesque School, where she will share her skills with a whole new world of European burlesque babes!


La Viola Vixen’s impeccable sense of theatricality and captivating command of old school burly-q and classic showgirl dance styles sees her at the forefront of Australia’s burlesque comeback.


Viola has a strong background in circus, theatre and dance so when she began her burlesque training in 2006 with Lola the Vamp’s school La Lola Salon her tutor quickly recognised her talent and instated her as a head teacher of the school.


Since then Viola has travelled the 7 seas becoming a headline performer at festivals and burlesque houses in London, New York, Berlin and Auckland just to name a few. She has also become something of a tabloid regular, gracing the pages of high profile media publications Australia wide.


Her performances have been reviewed as ‘Hypnotising’, ‘Captivating’, and ‘Iconic’.

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