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What our students have to say...

Having danced most of my life I wanted to find somewhere I could dance and express myself and make friends doing so. Nursing had overtaken my life and I didn’t have many friends. And after doing bikini competitions in bodybuilding my confidence in how my body was wasn’t the best after crazy dieting and strict gym routines. BBA not only provided me with the creative outlet I needed, it has created beautiful friendships that I adore. I am much more confident within my body. It is a highlight to my week. The tutors are all so amazing at what they create and do.

Kelbel Maree

3 years ago I came to watch and support my best friend at the Bombshells Ball and I haven’t looked back! I took part in one Showgirl term with Jacqueline Furey and I caught the bug.
BBA has given me the opportunity to express my creativity, enjoy my body & and just have a bloody good time with some amazing people! I am so honoured to be a part of the Bombshells Tutors and nothing makes me happier than being able to create exciting concepts each term with the amazing, supportive and energetic students that grace our studio. 

Lacey Pop

BBA is a safe place I can go to explore/express my self, my confidence, my creativity, it is a place where friendships and community are formed, with non judgment and acceptance. Since starting with BBA 6 months ago, I feel the most myself in my body, mind and creative exploration! I have formed amazing friendships and have had so many amazing experiences from photo shoots to shows! I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone. It is a place I can come to be completely myself and I hate when term ends, as I feel in that break I have to put myself back inside a box for two weeks!

I love that there is no pressure, but at the same time space for you to have your own goals. It’s my weekly dose of laughs and I feel privileged to be apart of such an amazing supportive, collective of beautiful humans. I love that it is inclusive of everyone, every shape, size and walk of life!. I have loved all of my classes and tutors and we are so lucky to be able to learn from such amazing and supportive performers!.

Lucy Little

I was a non dancer, I had zero experience! After being gifted a class by Bebe Gunn I turned up every week and I was guided through a routine by Evie. I was made to feel comfortable and I loved class…… it was something just for me! This Christmas gift was the best present I got, I have continued to sign up and I just love my burlesque family!


EveryBODY is a burlesque body!

Join up and come enjoy yourself in a safe space. Love to all the tutors and Lila Luxx you make my world a happier place.

Love Mel Quinn

After dancing all through childhood, I was looking for a way to keep fit in my thirties. I really don’t like gyms, and was too old for eisteddfod groups. Enter BBA! After a quick Google of adult dance classes, I found exactly what I was looking for. It gives me the chance to keep up with my dancing, without the pressure of the teacher pushing you to make it as a professional dancer. It’s fun, the women and (few) men who attend are so wonderful and kind. As a mother, it also gives me the freedom of doing something completely for myself, which is a rare treat and something I cherish. I have been attending Bombshells for 5 years now and absolutely love it.

Lecky Snitch

I started with the Bombshell Burlesque Academy 8 years ago, with absolutely zero dance experience and zero body confidence. Before I knew it, I was performing for others and had a new confidence in my self image. The tutors have never been anything but kind, positive and empowering. Burlesque helps me manage my anxiety and depression and I have made life long friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world. It’s the best part of my week!

Carly Jane Bain

The Bombshell Burlesque team is so welcoming and accommodating and best of all you don’t have to be a professional dancer. The variety of classes makes it easy to start and I guaranteed after performing in your first show you will be hooked and want to do them all the next term .


Tilly Toutsuite

Bombshells has been such an amazing and welcoming place to come and learn how to love my body again. I've loved my teachers and the amazing friends that I have made this year. I'm always so excited when a new term gets released so I can get my glitz and glam back on!

Jess Townsend

Becoming an adult with work, family, emigrating and all other responsibilities/commitments took me away from my love of performing. 2 not so young children after-I found myself wanting to return to dancing/performing and was looking for beginners jazz classes. Nothing came up but BBA was on the list, it was this or jazz with toddlers-it was a no-brainer! The biggest consideration was my cultural background and what the term “burlesque” meant in my country of origin BUT I made a decision to do this for myself 11 months ago, a few unsolicited comments here and there but joining BBA made me realise that this is a safe space for everyone, where we can all express, learn and explore what we are capable of doing and it is absolutely LIBERATING!!!

Maqui Bersabal

Bombshells starts as a hobby and becomes a lifestyle. A community of sparkly acceptance that becomes a weekly ritual. You will make friends, find family and get to know yourself in a new light.

Jess Single

I found BBA at a time when I was struggling immensely with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. I attended a show and it was love at first sight. Since joining BBA and performing for the first time, I will never look back. I’ve found something that lights me up and feels like home. The burlesque community is the most beautiful, EMPOWERING and healing if you will community I have ever known and I am honoured to be apart of it. Thank you for one of the best years in my dancing life. I cannot wait to continue with bombshells and see where it takes me. Lila and your amazing team run such a professional, organised academy and the talent is just astounding!!! Thank you!!!! 



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