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Vintage Hair - Victory Rolls Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on Victory Rolls, by the Bombshell Academy’s Vintage styling teacher Bettie Butcher.

Things you will need: * Sectioning Comb

* Betties Beauty – Perfect pink setting lotion * Hairspray * Uppercut Deluxe Pomade * Bobby pins (matching your hair color) * Hair Flowers


The night before do not wash your hair, set in curls with setting lotion, and wrap in a scarf overnight.

#1 - Gently remove curl clips and use a paddle brush to softly brush curls

#2 - Section top - Section by placing your thumbs behind your ears, and drawing upwards to the crown of your head. Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly straight as it will be hidden at the back. Then put the back section in a hair tie.

#3 - Shape your victory roll starting at the back pulling hair forward to shape the curl. Pin the back of roll and start manually creating and pinning the front of the roll.

#4 - Smooth the back and wrap the curl at the front into an O shape. Keep rolling and pinning the hair into place until all hair is rolled into the front of your victory roll. Spray lightly with hairspray and use a warm hairdryer to set.

#5 - Section 2- Smooth the hair with a small amount of Uppercut Deluxe Pomade on the underside of your hair then softly run the curl through your hands until its one big barrel roll. This will make it loads easier to create that O shape.

#6 - Spray the top with hairspray and lightly backcomb (ensure you don’t backcomb the under section as this will be the visible part of your victory roll).

#7 - Dab some Uppercut on your comb and smooth the flyaways on the underside of your hair (which will end up as the outside of your roll).

#8 - Repeat the same process as your first roll by pinning the back and shaping the curl.

#9- Manually roll/wrap your hair into the O shape and pin as you make each roll. Spray with hairspray and hit with a hot hairdryer to set.

Add some flowers and Voila! Victory rolls in 9 easy steps! For more Vintage Hairstyles and Pinup makeup, come along to one of Bettie's Vintage Styling classes for all the tips and tricks for that perfect Pinup look! For details on enrolling and class into please visit:

First published in Pinup Kittens Annual

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