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Stage Makeup for Beginners

When it comes to being up on that stage you want to look like a superstar - there’s no wallflowers here! So your facial features need to stand out and the makeup needs to last, especially through routines that make you sweat or in the dreaded summer humidity. I've put together a few tips to help you get that perfect look!

First off - opt for long wear and water proof versions of as many products as you can. This includes foundation, mascara, eye liner and anything else that comes under the makeup banner.

Start your face with a primer. Your eye primer is great for keeping your eye shadow in place as the eye lids have natural oils that can shift eyeshadow. Have you ever noticed it slipping into the creases on hot summer days?

When choosing eyeshadows look for high pigmented ones. They are the best as they stand out and are long lasting and easier to blend. Use a mixture of matte and shimmers, have a play around with them, it’ll be fun I promise, and if it looks like a hot mess afterwards at least you will have worked out what doesn’t work!

I recommend a full coverage matte foundation, set with either a translucent matte, loose or pressed powder. And yes, blush is still a thing, so go for any pink, red, peach or brown that suits your skin tone.

Eyeliner is essential to making your eyes look big and open. The adoring audience wants to see those sexy puppies so go for it with the liner and wings. There are many different formulas to chose from, gel, pencil and liquid, I personally prefer liquid. With gel and liquid liners remember practice makes perfect, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you make a big mess.

For eyebrows, you have so many choices these days: pencil, pomades and powders. Just make sure they are filled in and well defined.

Waterproof mascara, don’t forget to load up on it!

And for lippy there are plenty of long wear lipsticks on the market so go for bold or bright colours.

Whatever you're using, don’t forget to test the product before your show day to see how it wears and looks under different lighting.

We don’t want to look flat up on that stage, do we superstars, that’s why contour & highlighting products are necessary as they create depth and light to the face. Remember you are creating shape to your face so a matte contour stick or powder and a shimmery highlighter works nicely. Depending on the size of the stage and how far away you are from the audience your facial features tend to get lost, especially under strong lighting, so make sure you find out what kind of lighting it is if you don’t have an opportunity to, think more is more!

Finish your look with a fixer or setting spray. They are great for making it all stay put, especially if you get sweaty. Your most basic stage makeup kit should include:

1. Eyeshadows: a palette that has white, black and some colours. I love Too Faced Glitter Bomb.

2. Black eye liner: The Quick Flick have a great waterproof liner that makes it easier to create the cat eye flick

3. Black Mascara, waterproof

4. Full coverage Matte Foundation that doesn’t need powdering, I like Kat Von D’s Lock-it

5. Blusher

6. Long wear Lipstick

7. Brow liner

8. False lashes

9. Lash glue


Full makeup brush set

Once you've got that down, work towards the below list. As your skills develop, you can buy 1 or 2 items at a time so you don’t break the bank:

Face primer or moisturiser

Eye primer - can use matet foundation

Eyeshadows: a mix of matte and shimmers, white, black and any colours of your liking.

Black eye liner: liquid or gel

Black Mascara, waterproof

Lash glue

False lashes

Foundation: full coverage, matte is best

Setting powder: loose or pressed


Highlighter and Contouring palette or buy as separates

Long wear Lipstick

Lip liner

Brow liner pencil, pomade or powder

Makeup setting spray




Cotton tips

Cotton pads

Powder puff

Powder brush

Mix of eye shadow brushes

Contour and highlighter brushes

Blush brush

Eye brow brush if using pomade or powder

Eye liner brush if using gel

Makeup remover, micellar water or coconut oil for removing heavy makeup

Makeup sponge for blending

When you've got that down, add the below for a little extra X factor:

Gllitters (@glitteraugogo is your girl for all that)

Glitter glue

Face gems

Body shimmer powders

Glitter spray

I have been a makeup artist across many fields for soooo long and I never stop learning, I would love your feedback, and let me know if I’ve over looked anything.

Cath 🌸💄💋

@instagram: cmwcreatingfaces

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