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Glitter au GoGo - Sparkle & Save the Environment all at once!

You may recognize Margeaux Le GoGo from her glamorous on stage performances, but her passion lies in adding sparkle to your life! As a special offer to all Bombshell Burlesque Academy students you can get 20% off your next Glitter au Gogo purchase by using the promo code BBA20! It’s valid until 25/02/2018 so there’s plenty of time to get your glitter in time for the Ball! Go to the Glitter au GoGo website to order.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the environmental impacts of glitter. Scientists the world over are calling for it to be banned. And it’s sad but true - glitter is a pollutant. It’s a micro-plastic that, along with microbeads, is polluting our waterways. Fish are being shown to preferentially eat plastics over real food which means that all kinds of chemical are being concentrated up the food chain. The effects of glitter could end up being extreme.

In addition to the environmental damage, there are also health risks. The risk is especially high for craft glitters. A lady in Florida ended up losing her eye after a piece of craft glitter got stuck in it. A child in Argentina died after inhaling a large amount of craft glitter containing copper pigments. While this isn’t an everyday occurrence, this was enough to make me not want to use craft glitter again. That being said, cosmetic grade glitters can also contain high amounts of heavy metal pigments.

So what’s a showgirl to do?! Glitter is an essential part of most burlesque performer’s lives. After learning about the issues with glitter I started searching for alternatives. That’s where Glitter au Gogo was born! Glitter au Gogo glitters are made from eucalyptus trees and are biodegradable in fresh and ocean water as well as compost systems. They also contain very low amount of metals and are antinomy-free. Most importantly, they have the same shine and rich colours while being 30-40% softer than plastic glitters. They also have an indefinite shelf life and are compatible with glues and other adhesives. All this plus they are vegan and cruelty-free!

I’ve had a lot of fun creating collections for Glitter au Gogo. My first collection,

Ultimate Glamour, is all the essential colours you need as a burlesque dancer or glamour enthusiast. With names like “Silver Screen Goddess” and “Rose La Rose”, they are all about old world glitz and glamour. I recently released a whole bunch of new and fun colours including the Mermaid and Unicorn Collections as well as the cheekily named Barracuda Kit (it contains 2 of my pink glitters (named “In the Pink”) and one of the gorgeous brown glitters (named “In the Stink”). I also have the Ultimate Glitter Glue which will make sure your glitter stays on all day. Chelsea Mae Smooch told me that her glitter lip lasted all night through eating, drinking, swimming (!), and sleeping! But my most favourite thing about Glitter au Gogo is the jars. I wanted to have jars that would minimise mess and be secure enough to throw in your bag and go to the next gig. That’s why they all have an extra stopper inside with an opening small enough for your brush but not so big that glitter ends up everywhere.

So if like me you are concerned not just about the environmental impact of glitter but also the potential health issues, give biodegradable glitter a try!


With sparkling love,

Margeaux Le Gogo

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