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Arnavaz Lindsay Couture: Created by Arnavaz Lindsay AKA Corsetta Di Vine - Business Bombshell

To celebrate the incredible, talented and diverse students of The Bombshell Burlesque Academy, we are featuring students who run their own businesses and their experiences with burlesque. They are our Business Bombshells!

The Bombshell: Arnavaz Lindsay AKA Corsetta Di Vine

My name is Arnavaz Lindsay and I am the designer and maker behind all the custom made costumes, corsets, couture gowns and headpieces that come out of Arnavaz Lindsay Couture. Prior to coming into the world of burlesque I had been working and studying all over Australia in both fashion and theatre industries. However, it wasn’t until I returned back to Brisbane and started classes in Burlesque, that I felt I had found a direction and purpose for my design work and my business. I finally found women who just got my design aesthetic and who had great appreciation for what I created. My very first burlesque class I attended was with Magnolia Knife back in 2014. I connected with this gorgeous creature immediately and about a year later she asked me to design and make her a gown for Miss Burlesque QLD 2015. This was the year I made Magnolia her structured blue mermaid gown which received quite a lot of attention and to this day still does.

Arnavaz Lindsay AKA Corsetta Di Vine by Cam Attree

The Business: Arnavaz Lindsay Couture

From this point on I have continuously received orders from the burlesque community who have been so incredibly supportive of my work. Because everything I create is custom made, each project I work on is completely different to the next. No one day is ever the same as another, and this is so exciting to me. Each girl I collaborate with has a different concept and this gives me so much variety. I am a designer who is very much about detail, texture and dramatic silhouettes. I don't ever want to blend into the background, and the burlesque girls give me permission to be this bold, to be this dramatic. I have used my own burlesque performances as Corsetta Di Vine as a way of showcasing my custom made costumes and to also visually communicate my own thoughts and ideas. I am more of an introvert, so getting up on stage is not always the easiest thing for me to do, but to conquer those fears and to have a safe platform where you are in charge of your own creative expression is so liberating. I do feel that by being a burlesque performer too, it has assisted in my growth as a costumier for these women. It actually helps me with my design work. It has given me better insight into the best ways of revealing layers of a costume on stage, and it also gives me a sense of what fabrications work best for different types of movement. I have learnt so much about myself as a designer since joining the magical world of burlesque. I love what I do and I love collaborating with such extraordinary, strong and creative women.

Magnolia Knife wearing Arnavaz Lindsay Couture by KTB

Need help creating your perfect look for any event?

Contact Arnavaz/Corsetta for her creative eye:

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