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Exploding Plastic & Dilemma Graphics: Created by Emma Marshall AKA Ivy Dynamite - Business Bombs

To celebrate the incredible, talented and diverse students of The Bombshell Burlesque Academy, we are featuring students who run their own businesses and their experiences with burlesque. They are our Business Bombshells!

The Bombshell: Emma Marshall AKA Ivy Dynamite

I started burlesque not long after I started my career as a graphic designer, so the two have always felt linked. A lot of my freelance design work under Dilemma comes from the burlesque community and that support has really helped to build my business. I now regularly design posters for events, create logos, and branding concepts for burly girls.

Being involved with burlesque and seeing so many women running their own businesses and reaching goals really gave me the motivation to go for it and launch my jewellery line, Exploding Plastic.

Emma Marshall AKA Ivy Dynamite

The Business: Exploding Plastic & Dilemma Graphics

I work full time as a graphic designer, and Dilemma is the name I freelance under. I specialise in design with a retro touch, including branding, packaging and marketing material.

Exploding Plastic is my brand of plastic jewellery. My main focus is earrings but I’m branching out into occasional brooches and I even have a necklace design coming soon. The business started because I wanted a creative outlet that was just for me. No briefs, no clients, just designing things I love. Everything is designed by me and laser cut locally. The brand is inspired by pop art and the quirky stylish women I know.

Exploding Plastic

Need help creating your perfect logo? Quirky earrings to brighten any day?

Contact Emma/Ivy for her creative eye:

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