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Sparkling Sisters are ready to Crystal your world!

You may know them as Ella & Rita Fontaine, the sparkling onstage characters, but these ladies of the stage are turning their crystal addiction into a family business with the launch of their Web-store:

​​The Fontaines, previously known as The Gamble Sisters, first stepped on to the Burlesque stage nearly ten years ago, and have since toured nationally performing with Sugartime Burlesque, the Ruby Revue, The Burlesque Ball, The Australian Burlesque Festival, and have both hosted various events for the Miss Burlesque Australia competition. The girls have always been big supporters of the Brisbane Burlesque scene, and while Rita may have won Miss Burlesque Australia by competing in Sydney, she remained a Brisbanite through and through.

The girls are not just known for their talent but have always set the bar high with their costuming. They have always worn exceptional creations and have been making costumes for over a decade.

Rita, otherwise known as Lindsay-Rose has mentored and designed costumes for many Australian Burlesque artists. She has also created costumes for musicians such as The Scissor Sisters, Chicks On Speed and Holiday Sidewinder. Her design career has seen her travelling in and out of the country working in wardrobe departments for cruise ships, the Queensland Opera and the Conservatorium of Music’s opera productions. Lindsay is also a published stylist and contributor for a number of magazines and advertising agencies.

It is during her career that Lindsay has often wondered how she could apply crystals to garments at a faster speed.

“ It has always frustrated me just how long it takes to put crystals on. Surely in this day and age there’s got to be a faster way”, says Lindsay.

With this question in mind, Lindsay has spent the last three years researching technologies for a crystal application, and pondered the idea of industrial machinery. The outcome being: the import of an industrial machine that apply crystals at a phenomenal speed! And, with the machinery arriving in December last year, the girls have spent the last five months pooling their experience; Lindsay in costuming and Emma in retail, to set up their business.

Emma herself has worked in visual merchandising and retail management with some of the most recognisable brands in the world. However, the opportunity to create and grow a brand (of her own) was too exciting to miss.

Lindsay and Emma are now ready to launch the result of all their hard work and with their web-store: Crystal Queen. And, to celebrate the launch, they are offering the students and teachers of The Bombshell Burlesque Academy an exclusive deal that allows them to add more sparkle to their costumes!

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